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We will provide accurate and precise drawings for your project

R.A. Rezzelle is the leader in providing Computer Aided Drafting (CADD) expertise to clients throughout the United States. Our offices use the latest versions of AutoCAD, Inventor, and Solidworks for drawing creation.  We offer well executed drawings and drafting services, with a guarantee that every drawing will meet your CADD standards.  Our team understands manufacturing, process control, and architectural drawings.  Your drawings will be editable, easy to archive, and modifiable.

All the drawings we create will be easy to integrate with other CAD parts or assemblies, speeding up the design process.  We can handle any complexity level with cutting edge technology that will satisfy all your engineering requirements.

“Our drafting services will guarantee improved efficiency on your design processes.
Including ‘easy to modify’ revision control, linked annotations and layer management.”

Our 2D/3D drafting services will ensure accuracy, cost effectiveness and affordability.  Accuracy is a very important part in the process of the drawing we do, with completely redrawn drawings in CAD, the results will be clean, dimensional correct and easy to use.

We have experience in a wide range of industries and can handle everything from a single drawing to multi-year projects. This includes As-built documentation, paper drawing conversions, plus many types of drawing disciplines.


3D modeling

We provide a full range
of 3D modeling



Precise drawings from field sketches and redline markups


2d planning

We provide 2D drawings
for great visualization

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What You Can Expect

Your drawing standards will always be met, whether creating new drawings or doing redline markups, guaranteeing your drawings will stay consistence for future editing,  If no drawing standards exists, we can help establish industry accepted drawing standards for your company.

Your Drawing Standards will be Met
Precise dimensioned drawings
Paper / Model Space Standards Met
Titleblock Standards Met
Layers Standards will be adhered to
Text Style Standards Met
Standardized Symbol Library Used
Customize Programming expedites Tasks