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Automate the control and tracking of documents

R.A. Rezzelle can help you integrate and manage your drawings, equipment files, and project documents.  We are experts using Autodesk Vault, Synergis Adept and Bentley ProjectWise applications.

We can help make sure that the correct, up-to-date, and approved document is being used.  This is a key benefit of document control procedures.  Documents that are out of date or no longer accurate can be a cause for major concern.

Some of the most common problems we have resolved

We have reviewed tens of thousands of drawing records for our clients, validated and corrected drawing viewing problems and converted thousands of AutoCAD drawings so that their titleblock information is searchable in a Document Management System (DMS).  This conversion has allowed the engineer and maintenance personnel to quickly find P&IDs, Loop Sheets, Motor Elementary, Facility & General Arrangements, Equipment Records and other critical files when they are needed.
Not only have we reviewed drawings for our clients, we have also scanned 100’s of thousand drawings and document files. Ranging from old blueprints, sepia and mylar drawings, to equipment records and maintenance books of all sizes and binding types.


Preserve paper documents to electronic files for file integrity



Protect your intellectual property with the  proper controls



Find drawings and files quickly with an organized database

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What You Can Expect

Our Document Control services can help establish or implement controlled processes and practices for the creation, review, modification, issuance, distribution and accessibility of your valued documents.  This will ensure that the documentation is available at a single point of use within an organization and ensure the users that the data is up-to-date and reliable.

high confidence reliably information
information security
locating critical files quickly
insures data consistency
protects company interests
ensures traceability
searchable information
manage file access and versions