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What can R.A. Rezzelle technical team do?

We specialize in heavy industrial mechanical and electrical engineering, project management, construction management and CADD, our team of professionals will meet your challenge, whether you need to have a full technical team or just additional design help to get through a peak period.  We can also help with field verification of equipment, piping, HVAC or supply assistance in CADD department.

We give the very best when it comes to problem solving, our business is to provide you with the finest technical and documentation support services available.

How does the technical design process work?

We will work closely with your team to understand the objectives and deliver a complete solution. Whether performing conceptual designs, working on CADD, or making field investigations, we are always dedicated to speed, accuracy and quality.

How are technical services charged?

All of our services can be done on a Time and Material (T&M), Not to Exceed or Lump Sum basis.

Why does my department need Document Control?

A document control system can eliminate missing documentation, alert stakeholders to issues, and streamline corrective action processes (CAPA). A document control system is among the most critical tools for compliance in highly regulated industries.

Does Document Control help reduce errors?

Absolutely, when teams have quick access to all the data within their company’s system, they can reduce the number of errors they make within their documentation.

A document control system can also provide a streamlined pathway for document review. It allows the management teams to gain quick access to documents and to disseminate documents to their teams to ensure facts are checked and all analysis is effectively completed within set time frames. Instead of having to search various data silos then analyze the information separately.

How does the Document Control process work?

The document control process should start very early in a projects life cycle, making sure all the new and existing files are up to date and logically organized,

Document control is critical to ensure traceability of important and irreplaceable files. Because it ensures that you will never lose track of what happened on documents, on your project, or in your department.

Is it cost effective to convert paper drawings to CADD?

This is a question for anyone that has archival drawings created on vellum, mylar or sepia paper. While the simple answer is' "Yes". The real question should be, "What is the risk if the drawings were lost or destroyed."

With that in mind, you will need to consider the impact on your business if the archival drawings were lost or destroyed. If the business risk is great, then the drawings should be put into CADD. If the risk is low, then you should at least consider scanning the archival drawings to raster format.

Let Us Help Create Real Long Term Value

Our in-house team provides a diverse base of experience and will work to help achieve your goals and success. As an experienced technical support firm, we understand the urgency of your needs and are disciplined and accountable to make sure they are met.