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R.A. Rezzelle develops BOMs for newly installed or modified equipment or equipment that has been in service for many years. This allows your planners to confidently select and order the correct part(s) needed for maintenance or repairs. Correct and up-to-date BOMs can also be used as a tool to help manage spare part inventories, which in turn can help manage storeroom costs.
We can build new or adjust existing equipment hierarchy to conform to your naming conventions ensuring that equipment will easily be found in your database. This allows equipment history and reliability strategies to be applied at the component level, as well as smaller and more manageable BOMs. This consistent naming convention ensures a more efficient and precise database making any reports or queries more accurate.
Rezzelle can use equipment manuals, gathered machine history, operating and maintenance knowledge in developing preventive and predictive maintenance work orders. Using this information and correct equipment hierarchy, we can assist in building lube routes and operator care inspections. In addition, this enables us to create inspection and repair procedures that can be attached to the work orders. Feedback from these inspections assists in systematically evaluating the condition of your equipment on an ongoing basis.
As a byproduct R.A. Rezzelle can also take documents that have been assembled (i.e., IOM Manuals, Parts List, Vendor Prints etc….) to build files for your planners, reliability engineers and production for future use. 

Equipment Hiearchy

We can help with creation, updating and verification of records



Lets us help in establishing a clean database and meeting standards



Setting up and meeting needs with a well thought out structure

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Manage spare part inventories
confidently select and order parts
preventive and predictive work orders
conform your naming conventions
efficient and precise database
easily find data in the future
reliability strategies
manageable BOMs