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Measure Success with Our Comparitive Advantage

At R.A. Rezzelle all of our team members are knowledgeable in their respective field and can fulfill any length job requirement that you may have.

The R.A. Rezzelle staff has a willingness to satisfy you, our customer. We will strive to meet the most stringent deadlines, while taking direction well  and caring about the details that will make your project successful.

Our team is detail oriented, ensuring that your projects are accurate and complete. We are able to work in close relationship with your engineers or project teams, while following their lead on designs or developing original design ideas for you.


Industrial Mechanical, Electrical and Piping design
Project Management
Process Control Design
3D Modeling
2D Drawings
P&ID and Loop sheets
Bill of Materials (BOM)
Document Control
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[ Vice President ]
[ Chief Financial Officer ]

Royce Norton , PMP

[ Project Management ]
[ Senior Team Leader ]
[ President ]
[ Chief Executive Officer ]

Grier Huggins

[ Project Management ]
[ Mechanical Designer ]
[ Mechanical Engineering ]
[ Senior Team Leader ]

Kay Rezzelle

[ Accounting ]
[ Maintenance & Planning ]
[ Senior Team Leader ]

Stephanie Fridell

[ Document Control ]
[ CADD Operator ]
[ Mechanical Engineering ]
[ Designer ]

John Lindow

[ Document Control ]
{ CADD Operator ]