Mike Pratt

[ Senior Team Leader ]
[ Planner ]

  • DEPARTMENT: Maintenance & Planning
  • MAIL: mike.pratt@rarezzelle.com


Mike Pratt has been with R.A. Rezzelle since 2010 and he has worked with many of our Consumer Products Group, Cellulose mills on capital projects, working with Asset Suite and MDM to create/edit equipment hierarchy and BOMs. Mike also has helped our clients with SWOs and ordering parts/equipment for many of our maintenance groups we work for.

Mike worked for Fort Howard Paper Company Savannah Mill as a Maintenance Planner from 1989 to 2007. During Mike’s eighteen-year career at Georgia-Pacific he organized, coordinated, and planned routine work, preventive maintenance and shutdowns for five paper machines, including supervision of contractors during shutdowns. This also included purchased parts, materials for planned jobs and worked with vendors and contractors.

During Mike’s time at GP he was a Team Leader for converting the equipment numbers and maintenance data from Legacy System to Indus Passport and then to Asses Suite format. He assisted with startup of Indus Passport and Asset Suite, including instructional classes for Maintenance and Operations.

Hard & Soft Skills

Mike has a diverse background with many CMS applications, with the ability to work through very complex issues that arise with maintenance and planning work flows.