The ultimate plugin filled with all the tools you will ever need!

ToolChest has all the “can’t do without” commands and hundreds of industry standard symbols at your fingertips. It’s no wonder ToolChest makes those impossible design and drafting tasks easy.

Whether you are starting a new design or changing an existing drawing, ToolChest is relied on by more AutoCAD experts to give them the most advanced features that make a difference in their companies productivity.

You have a decisive advantage with all of ToolChest setup and editing commands, custom layer control features and integrated help that provides immediate on-line assistance. The ToolChest menu is fully integrated with AutoCAD, so all you have to do is point and click.

Ultimate Plug-in for Autocad

Drawing Setup

Model Space user know how difficult it is to keep up with the "Scale Factor" that is used for the titleblock drawing size and the text size, ToolChest automatically handle this task.

Let ToolChest help you set up your Model Space drawing environment with just a few clicks of the mouse. ToolChest can quickly set up your drawing scale, create default layers, and predefine the correct text size for the current “Scale Factor”. Plus, you now have access to new titleblock templates that are fully attributed.

Don’t worry if you started a drawing at the wrong scale, with ToolChest you can change the drawing scale anytime and it will take care of changing everything else. With this easy to use preference system drawing setup will never be the same.

Line Construction

With ToolChest's line construction features, you’ll never have to change to a specific layer before drawing a line. It also includes all the most common linetypes used.

You can create a wide variety of lines on predefined layers, all with a simple mouse click. And that’s not all, ToolChest lets you define custom linetypes with your existing blocks. So don’t worry about creating complex shape files to have those perfect linetypes anymore, just use the blocks you already have.

Symbol Library

ToolChest has a complete symbol library of ANSI Electrical and Electronics, ASA Pipe Fittings and Valves, Pipe, Cable and Line breaks, and other general symbols.

Symbols can be used as is or modified to suit your needs. And of course you are all ways in control of the layer that ToolChest will use for it’s symbol libraries

ToolChest also enhances the way it’s symbols are inserted on a drawing. Lets say you need to insert a electrical or piping symbol on the drawing, but the symbol is normally placed on a line, and the line needs to be broke around the symbol. With ToolChest it is all one easy step, just pick the insertion point for the symbol and ToolChest will automatically break the line and cleanup around the symbol.

Layer Control

ToolChest helps create and manage layers inside your drawing with the most sophisticated layer control system on the market today.

ToolChest lets you predefine what layers to use when drawing lines, inserting symbols, and creating text. You will never have to worry again about changing the layer before creating an object in AutoCAD, ToolChest will do it automatically for you. The layer will even be created for you if it is not found in the drawing.

ToolChest uses definable layer templates and groups to enhance the way layers are managed in your drawing. This gives you the most open ended layer system available. You’ll also get easy one step layer commands that will let you modify the layer properties of multiple objects at one time.

Text Handling

ToolChest provides you with an extensive set of text handling capabilities that make creating, editing, and minor adjustments to text in the drawing quick and simple.

ToolChest gives you many new text commands to take control of your drawing. Use the Note and paragraph editor to edit single line text just like Mtext. Create sequential numbered text lines, convert text case, and match previous created text with just a simple pick of the mouse.

Tired of remembering all the different text heights for the model space scale factors. With ToolChest just enter the normal size of the text (1/8″, 1/4″…) and ToolChest will do the rest, it will automatically scale the text to match the current scale factor. ToolChest will even put the different size text on their correct layer for you.


ToolChest to the rescue again, how many times a day do you have to draw annotation brackets {}, bill of material balloons, revision clouds and triangles?

If you do it more than once a day, then that’s to much. Let ToolChest do for you, it has several styles of annotation brackets and balloons, creates nice looking revision clouds, has several new styles of dimension arrow heads, and creates boxes with shadows.

ToolChest can also help you with it’s document control features, like drawing date stamping and attaching sticky notes to drawing. And if you ever wanted to know how many yards are in a nautical mile just use ToolChest unit conversion feature.

ToolChest provides many new ways to modify the objects on your drawing. These new commands reduce the number of steps it normally takes to perform repetitive editing tasks. With ToolChest you can quickly break around a symbol, repair objects that have been broken, and rotate a object to an absolute angle. Plus you can create a gap between objects that intersect, copy and rotate objects together, offset an object on both sides and much more.

Quick Specs

ToolChest will manage your linetype layers automatically, and have many predefined linetypes already setup to start using. Included are light, medium and heavy weight, center, hidden, phantom, long and short break linetypes. You can even put a text string in the line while you are drawing it. But that is not all the linetypes included, there are 19 total custom linetypes for you to use. All these features are user customizable and you can even create your own styles.

Other tools included,
Flow Arrow - Easily add custom arrows to endpoints of a line or anywhere in between
Default Linetype - Draw the last ToolChest linetype used


ToolChest includes electrical and piping ANSI symbol libraries, each are easily customized or used as is. When inserting the symbols on the drawing, they will automatically be placed on a customizable layer and break the line during insertion, making line cleanup problems disappear.

Plus, as a bonus we have included a few more additional symbol libraries; pipe breaks, line breaks, and north arrows. We have also included easy to use tools to create smart symbols for breaking lines during insertion and a command to reinsert the last ToolChest symbol used.

ToolChest gives you all the layer management tools needed for fast and easy control of your drawing, by using layer templates. The customizable layer templates gives you the ability to define what layers will be used when drawing lines, inserting symbols, creating text and much more.

You can easily turn off, freeze and lock layers by selecting the objects on the drawing.  Plus, you can quickly view just the layers that are off, frozen or locked, with the added benefit of being able to change the visibility properties with a dialog box.

Other great commands that are included,
Match - Changes an object layer by selecting another object on the drawing
Delete - Remove all the objects on a specific layer in Model and Paper Space
Show - Display the current layer properties of an object
Rebuild - Automatically create or reset your predefined layer structure in a drawing

ToolChest expanded text commands makes creating and editing text very simple. With these new features, you have the ability to edit many of the properties of multiple text strings at one time. Plus you can quickly create single line and multiline text on your custom layer names, and even have ToolChest put text on certain layers based upon text height.

Tried of using the AutoCAD properties toolbar to edit text, you can edit all of the text properties such as oblique angle, fit, height, justification, style, text case, attribute case with simple to use new commands. Plus set the default text properties by object selection.

Other tools included,
Quick Set - Sets the default text style by selecting a text string
Quick Height - Sets the default text height with predefined settings or by selecting a text string
Note Editor - Edit multiple single line text like it was a paragraph
Add Line - Add a single line text string under existing text
Underline - Underline existing text
Text to MText - Convert multiple text strings to MText
Sequential Number - Create sequential numbered text in rows
Import Text - Import ASCII text files into drawing
Export Text - Export text strings to an ASCII text file

The new editing commands gives you an edge when working on drawings. You can do away with the time consuming edits you have to do every day, with our easy to use editing commands.

Gap - Break a line around another line at a preset distance
Tape - Mend a broken line back to a single line
Multi-Offset - Offset a object multiple times with a single command
Absolute Rotate - Rotate an object a exact angle no matter the existing angle of the object
Copy Rotate - Copy and rotate objects at the same time
Erase All Points - Erase all the points on a drawing at one time
Break Around - Break a line around a smart symbol
Remove Symbol - Remove a symbol from a line and repair the line back to a single object